Important Dates

Africa Speaks is an international Art Exhibition connecting the 54 African countries to Collaborate, Contribute and Celebrate the wonders of Africa, rich in cultures and Arts through diversity, innovation and cross-disciplinary approaches.

The First Africa-54 was launched by ZeeArts Gallery in collaboration with Dubai Chamber of Commerce at the prestigious The Address Downtown in front of the Burj Khalifa during the Africa Business Forum in 2021.

Africa Speaks-54 is a tribute to Africa by connecting the north, south, east, west, and in particular, the Mediterranean coast, which substantially fosters coexistence, collaboration, and connects ancient, contemporary, and ritualistic art forms.

The mission of the ‘Africa Speaks-54’ is to bring African Arts to Mauritius in the context of African Day organised by Academy of Design and Innovation and to position Mauritius as an Art and Cultural destination.

The first International Design Conference on Sustainable and Innovative Design was a multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed international conference on Sustainability concepts in the several design to adapt to the ‘New normal’ in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic held in Hilton hotel in Dubai in March 2022.

This year the committee decided to further the outcomes of the first conference to an African Consortium on 3 days activities. The Conference will be on one day at Le Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel, focusing on design processes & art concepts which will impact the sustainability of African culture.

As a tribute to the African culture, designers will promote the essence and richness of the African Culture through a colourful parade of their unique Fashion Collection & Accessories.

The African creative village will be the place where artists and designers will showcase their talents, skills and knowledge in the design & art field and contribute to this great cultural, humanitarian, and artistic project and be the African Grove.

The open amphitheatre will access art/design pieces, our global and african career prospects, discussion forums, and professional development guidance. This will help artists and designers to ignite connections across the globe in live entertainment and build this community for design industry professionals and Art fanatic.

The Nelson Mandela Centre for African Culture Trust Fund plays an important role in projecting a positive image of African and Creole culture in Mauritius, promoting the richness and variety of African and Creole Arts and Culture by various forms of cultural and social activities through exhibitions, publications, meetings, talks, and the performing arts.

The Festival Fim Afrikin is a unique opportunity to discover the creativity and diversity of African cinema, as well as to meet professionals from the film industry. This event is free and open to all audiences.